Founder – Holistic Personal Trainer, Mindfulness and Trauma Coach
Jane Clapp is a master of mind, body and soul. While it is widely accepted that mindfulness is necessary to shape the body, Jane asserts that the body is one of the most powerful alchemic tools for shaping the mind. A practitioner in the holistic health industry for two decades, Jane combines personal training with tension and trauma healing to help clients gain strength, mobility and energy. As the founder of Urbanfitt, Jane has helped more than a 1000 clients improve emotional and nervous system regulation, positively shift neuroplasticity and release somatized stress and trauma. Read more..




Personal Trainer
Laura has been whipping men and women of all ages into shape for over 10 years. Her professional background in yoga, spin, pilates, strength training, and nutrition is enhanced by her personal successes with weight loss and, more recently, managing the hormonal shifts of menopause. Laura draws on her professional and personal accomplishments to develop individually tailored fitness programs that work; the proof is in the vitality and health of her loyal and diverse clientele. With clients ranging in age from 20 to 68. Read more..




Personal Trainer
Andres has a master’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Victoria in British Columbia. Also, he has a Post Graduate Diploma in Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion from Centennial College in Toronto. In addition, he possesses a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences. Andres is a Registered kinesiologist to the College of Kinesiologist of Ontario and professional member of the Ontario Kinesiology Association.
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