Body worlds

Yesterday, I visited Body Worlds at the Ontario Science Centre and was amazed and repulsed all at the same time. Needless to say I came home and ate a carcass free dinner with a big ass salad. The human body is amazing and seeing all those folks carved up reminded me that we are all basically the same underneath and start with the same raw material.

This Body Worlds exhibity was focused on the human heart. There were also loads of examples of healthy organs and unhealthy organs. Obese bodies, and fit bodies. And so on and so on.

Illness, obesity and deconditioning doesn’t discriminate based on socioeconomic status, gender, family status, sexual orientation. We all start off, for the most part, with a similar chance to live healthy lives and over time, we really determine what is going to happen.

What was especially interesting for me, was the obese body sliced in half. I saw up close what visceral fat looks like (the fat under skin around organs). I talk about visceral fat almost every day with clients trying to get a healthy waist girth. I saw how visceral fat deposits itself all through our organs and how unnatural it looked in a human body.

The smokers lungs and the lungs with tumors were really freaky. Seeing how black lungs get from smoking was something else. I wish I could refer to those lungs anytime I have a craving for a cigarette (glass of wine in hand of course). And I’m not saying I indulge those cravings ok!

One of the most interesting parts of it all was the controversy surrounding the overall concept of the exhibit. Looking at these bodies, I kept wondering how they ended up on display and if this whole death art exhibit was ethical at all. We have an obsession with our mortality which explains the huge crowds of people waiting to stare in awe at our universally uniform insides.


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What do all of you think about the current state of our bodies these days. As a growing number of people become overweight and obese and people move less and less, it’s quite easy for me to picture the majority of the human race as a big sack of meat, inert, plugged into a computer, in a hovering chair eating highly processed space aged food. Hmmm….this is starting to look at lot like the future in Wall-e.

I hate to be a pessimist but I also hate to sugar coat the cold hard truth just as much.
When are people going to get off their arss and do something about feeling like crapola?

I’m feeling a little blah this week…not nearly as bad as many people might feel. And I HATE it. Yuck. I would hate to see what I might become if I felt this blah for more than a week much less a decade.

Maybe some of you community bloggers and share a story of transformation. Like what changed for you when you got off your butts and left them behind. How did getting your bod’ in shape change the rest of your life.


Love ya,

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Support C.O.P.E. Dogs

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Introduction to our community blog

What is a community blog you ask?

It’s a place where interconnected people come together to create a body of information, wisdom and experiences that can be accessed by anyone online.

Who’s going to manage and moderate the community blog?

Me, Jane. I’m the blog mama.

I’m not going to let nasty stuff stay up there in our community. And I might suggest themes that keep popping up in the studio.

What can you contribute and blog about?

1) A rant about a co-worker who is trying to sabotage your weight loss.

2) An ahha moment you had where something about your lifestyle struggles just clicked.

3) A success story about yourself.

4) A link and review of an article you read in a magazine or newspaper.

5) A good cause you are trying to promote.

6) Other stuff related to fitness and health.

Go crazy!

The rules:

You can be anonymous or you can sign with your name at the bottom of the blog with a link to your site. Self promotion is totally cool.

Just click on New Post in the top right corner to start your personal post.

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