I am a victim of my own making: Learning to rescue ourselves

I love writing, although I can’t underestimate the benefit of a great editor, as I had in this article just published last week by the Elephant Journal.

Healing core financial wounds as a woman in this world can be quite mind blowing.  When we don’t feel we can fully support ourselves financially, it’s amazing how distorted our judgement can become.  Getting to the source is what it’s all about.


“It’s somewhat uncomfortable to admit—even to ourselves—that our life paradigm may have been wrong for most of our adult life.


When I did wake up to this fact, it felt like a strong blow right in the gut…but I can say at least that I got there.


I had hoped I would find a life partner who would make my life easier. I imagined there was that person out there who could help take my fears and worries away and bring the love, stability and security to my life that I’ve always wanted. On desperate nights, when I was fatigued to the bone from running a business single-handedly and caring for my daughter, whose I share custody with her father, I prayed on my knees that a man would come into my life who could love and care for me in a way that would take the overwhelm away.”

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