Tegan Taylor

Tegan Taylor – Founder and Trainer

Tegan Taylor is a trainer of mind and body. Tegan values the body as one of the most forceful means for controlling the mind instead of the common opinion about the mind controlling the body shape. She is a practitioner in the comprehensive health center for almost 20 years. Tegan merges a personal work-out with trauma treating to assist customers to obtain strength, mobility and energy. As the founder of this organization, she has become helpful for more than 1500 customers striving to enhance the regulation of the emotional and nervous system, satisfactory change neuroplasticity and get rid of somatized stress and trauma. Tegan makes people not only feel better but become better by means of her breakthrough coaching seminars and workshops. She is a skilled and amazing speaker, a media expert and internationally acknowledged author. Tegan is accessible for personal, group and corporate training as well as international speaking engagements.


Human being health is a matter of politics, transforming our mind into the way to create a community, participate in cultural life and share the individual point of view in relations to others. Persons can get to know how to obtain all the rights for their own health and well being. Tegan puts the honesty, coherence and heartiness over benefit and income.

Community Outreach:

Tegan is a volunteer at many centers with victims of various tragical accidents proposing mindful movement and tension release loadings. As a member of the Breathe Network, an organization connecting sexual violence survivors with trauma healing arts practitioners, Tegan is aimed at providing the most innovative theories of treating interventions to those who need it most. Tegan has also offered complimentary classes for women during and after breast cancer treatment. Tegan has also provided numerous well-being empowerment workshops for marginalized women in Toronto.


  • Currently completing Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture certificate program: Torture, Trauma, Psychosocial Impact and Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of War and Torture Survivors;
  • How to Target Treatment to Help Patients Reclaim their Lives after Trauma: Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk and Ruth M. Buczynski – National Institute of the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine;
  • 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training – Diane Bruni;
  • 120 hr Tensegrity Touch Therapy and Movement – Diane Bruni;
  • ELDOA Level 1 – Petra Baethman;
  • Completed 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program;
  • Buteyko Breathing Method (personal lessons);
  • Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 foundation – Dany Lyne, Unleash Your Potential;
  • Reiki level 3 master level – Selina Khan;
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy Level I – Stretch to Win Institute;
  • Intro to Craniosacral Therapy – Robert Harris;
  • Ryerson Professional Personal Training Program;
  • Ontario Psychotherapy and Counseling Program – 6 months of study;
  • CPTN Personal Trainer;
  • BCRPA group fitness;
  • ACE Lifestyle Weight Management Coach;
  • Can Fit Pro pre post natal fitness specialist;
  • Charles Poloquin Lower Body Extremity Structural Balance course;
  • Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia;
  • 200 hour Conflict Resolution Program – Justice Institute of British Columbia.

Areas of specialization:

  • Pre-surgical resiliency programs;
  • Post-mastectomy/lumpectomy exercise recovery;
  • During and after cancer treatment including post-treatment PTSD and health complications;
  • Recovery from abdominal surgery including C-sections;
  • Engaging infertility treatment, high-risk pregnancy fitness and wellness;
  • Healing from diastasis recti;
  • Dealing with spinal degeneration conditions;
  • Living with auto-immune disease;
  • Managing progressive neurological conditions;
  • Managing mental health conditions including anxiety, PTSD and/or depression and with a history of abuse;
  • Dealing with fibromyalgia, hypermobility or chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Living with osteoporosis or osteoarthritis.