Useful documents and articles

The following documents are tools for engaging at Urbanfitt and include more information that might help you move forward with your health and fitness.

  • 10 reasons crunches don’t flatten abs
  • 30 reasons to strength train
  • Anywhere body weight workout
  • Cardio junkies beware! Here’s why
  • Exercise depression connection
  • Fave butt exercise – muff on a ball
  • Feel better in two minutes – simple ways to pick yourself up
  • Food journal – track your eating for a week to shed some light
  • Food shopping list – expand your choices at the grocery store
  • Golden rules of fat loss
  • Is your relationship with work making you unhealthy?
  • No messing around fat burning circuit
  • Recipe for metabolism repair
  • Stress journal – identify patterns and triggers to help combat emotional eating
  • Top 10 things to look for when hiring a trainer
  • Top 10 fitness myths
  • Uncles Jimmie’s protein power packed pancake recipe
  • Warrior within movie – see what desk work might be doing to you

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