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My Grandmother’s Schizophrenia Fueled my Purpose


Last month, the Elephant Journal, a publication I greatly respect with over 1 million visits each month, published a deeply personal article of mine.   The work I do with other people with a history of mental health challenges in their families’ lives or in their lives has come from an honest and empathic place in me.  For many years, I’ve been exploring and researching the potential benefits of specific movement and body-based interventions in people recovery or living with mental health issues and, in myself, in dealing with anxiety and core wounds from childhood.  Here’s a little slice of why.

Here’s the first paragraph.

“My grandmother was often convinced she was Mamie Eisenhower.

We couldn’t call her by her real name, in case it sent her over the edge. I remember driving up to the back of the building on the top of the hill—every time it was around Christmas. We’d buzz—then the door would buzz and click unlocked. We’d push the industrial steel door open and wind our way up the long ramp to the second door, our footsteps echoing on the polished tile floors. Then we buzz again and a nurse would open the second floor door.”

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