The Team

Helpful, caring, professional.

Our personal trainers and instructors have the same perspectives on health and fitness and have an individual approach to each client. Each licensed coach teaches his clients how to reach life balance and be healthy for many years.

We only employ the most caring professionals at our company who have deep knowledge of fitness and never stop getting more skills.

Micheal Stacey – Founder
Micheal offers personal training and group classes. He always strives to improve the physical and spiritual health of the clients through exercise. Michael is looking forward to seeing you on his list!

Doris Morris
Doris has been a fitness instructor since 2009. She is focused on functional training with the correct technique to arrange effective and interesting group and personal workouts. She offers classes on indoor cycling, Olympic lifting, kettlebell work, plyometrics, yoga, martial arts, circuit training, Swiss ball, crossfit and others. Doris tries to motivate people to take efforts and realize their own potential. In her spare time, Doris enjoys early morning cycling as well as walking in the park with her two dogs Baily and Poker.

Nancy Turman – Personal trainer
Nancy has been working a personal fitness trainer since 2011 teaching indoor cycling, sports training, plyometrics, body sculpting, martial arts, step and yoga. In her adolescent years, Nancy was a professional swimmer and visited the swim team, coaching people with physical disabilities. Now, Nancy has a good experience in working with athletics, she also has knowledge of training for every different body type. In 2007-2011, she worked with Iron Man sportsmen and clients with injuries. In her spare time, Nancy enjoys snowboarding, swimming, kickboxing and outdoor walking.

Angelia Vega
Angelia has been a promising athlete since her young years. Her father practiced yoga and taught this daughter this discipline at the age of 6. Angelia was very interested in the abilities of her body, she went for different types of sports and joined a swimming team in 2010. The woman got Pilates certification in 2011. Now Angelia is a member of our team and a certified personal trainer who specialties post rehab, yoga and swimming. She thinks that it’s important to be healthy not only on a physical but a spiritual level. She strives to help her every client find that sport that makes him happy.

Daysi AKA therapy dog
A funny and ever loving team member, Daysi is known as “therapy dog” who is always here when you are tired of training and your muscles are burning. Daysi came to our team from her owner, Jack, who knew the dog wasn’t getting the exercise she needed. After 3 months of training, Daysi lost 15% of her body weight and now she is the fastest dog in the park. Her achievement was phenomenal.